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(Mr. Songsak Sirjantaradat)

“Living is an endless struggle” is an expression the artist Songsak carved in his memory as a reminder, for his life has been an unfair journey all along. Sometimes vengeful and sometimes detached, but when difficulties strike to the point of unbearable, the artist has to figure out a way not to be defeated by negativity. He refuses to despise the world.

Being the twelfth child out of 14 siblings, he witnessed the struggles and all emotional sides of being human. He observed, and wave after wave of question came ashore. “Why, what is the reason, how to fix and build this life?”

From young, he always withdrew, for he was aware of his status, and shameful for coming from a family with over a dozen children. He absorbed the anger when his parents fought. He was imprinted with his mother’s sadness upon hearing her son’s death in prison. He beheld his mother’s yearning and effort to go up the mountain to procure magical medicine for her HIV infected daughter, who became a Bangkok prostitute. He suppressed the torment from childhood sexual abuse and his own life is a vicious cycle of living in the metropolis.

All these pressures combined pushed the melancholic artist to strive and break free of his fate. He craves liberty and the absence of a human bond, neither a life partner or a business slave. He desires to escape the endless suffering of the secular world. But the reality is he has to go on living as a normal human being.

With his knowledge of oil painting, human anatomy, ballet, and skill from Chanapatana international design institute with Fashion degree as a tool, he expresses his fighting spirit through the dancer’s body and movement of each choreography onto his canvas. He encourages the later generation or those who are in despair to keep fighting and never give in. Life is a harsh reality. Fantasizing in dreamland is sweet and fine, but becoming bitter is inevitable if you want to survive without stepping to the edge of suicide.

He initiated an idea of combining the three crafts into a concept. One day, he would like to create different genres of art like sculpture or architecture as he is now continuing his education in interior design with Chanapatana international design institute.

The goodness he received from many of his patrons made him believe that no matter how devastated our life is or how deep the wound in our heart is, we would always be able to live with it or heal it even, just as long as we keep up with our duty and breathe.

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